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Can (and Should) Unschoolers Go to College?

By Leo Babauta

The question of college is one of the top 3 questions people ask when they first hear about unschooling (including me):

Well, more on math soon, but today let's talk about college.

I'd actually like to answer two questions today: can they go to college, and should they go to college?

DLC Choices

On Write Right

Digital Learning Communities are online communities that support the educational process. They come in a variety of venues to include tuition free college courses, collaborative communities, and resources to assist in gaining grants or accessing resources. I really am amazed at the quality and quantity of these DLC resources.

I believe that the various DLC that offer tuition free education are revolutionary. So often people are limited in funds, and the DLC community is huge. Several colleges offer free classes for a nominal fee of tests or to register. They have grants available to assist students who cannot pay even the small amount necessary, so they are very accessible. However, since I was looking to find a DLC that would meet my needs, I selected a DLC that was more for educators.

As I navigated through the lists of resources, the DLC that appealed to me most was OPENSTAX-CNX. I joined OPENSTAX-CNS. This site has many different ways for educators to collaborate with other educators and to share best practices. So, I can contribute some of my lessons and help mentor other teachers who might have less experience than I do. Additionally, I can see how to teach a topic by using fresh ideas from others.

What can DLC do to make the process of joining a DLC easier and more appealing for students to use? I belive that awareness is the key. I have not heard my students talk about DLC resources, so maybe they don't know they exist. I can help by telling my students about them, but I can also provide links on my school website to give them awareness as well. Once I was on the DLC sites, joining was easy to navigate, so I don't think that my students would be hindered with accessing the DLC, but they may need to know that they exist. Word of mouth is effective, but having students generate that discussion is even more powerful. They are adept at social media, so their own excitement would be the best advertisement around.

Here's a link to my Diigo list of top 5 DLC.

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