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Why Unschooling is the Best Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

By Leo Babauta

I'm encouraging all six of my kids to become entrepreneurs when they grow up -- heck, I'm urging them to start now, as teen-agers.

Why? Because I think it's the most empowering, passionate, kick-ass way to live your life as an adult.

And I think unschooling is the best way to give them the foundations of what they need to be entrepreneurs.

Don't get me wrong: you can be an awesome entrepreneur even if you go to school. Lots of us have done it. But I think unschooling has some advantages, if you do it right.

The Damn Good Guide to Unschooling

By Leo Babauta

This is for anyone considering starting Unschooling, but not sure where to start.

Start with one article at a time.

Getting Started:

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