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By Leo Babauta

So who am I, and what do I know about unschooling?

I'm Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits and mnmlist. I'm the father of six kids (well, one is an adult now), married to the beautiful Eva, and we live in San Francisco (formerly lived on Guam). I don't know everything about unschooling, don't have all the answers, but I do love it and am passionate about it and tell every parent I meet about how amazing it is.

Eva and I started homeschooling our kids about 5 years ago, and quickly adopted the unschooling philosophy. Here's the rundown on our kids:

On to a new project

On The Ramblings of Me

So the free writing thing I completed successfully enough. I did 5 days instead of 7 days, but to be fair, I don't really count my weekends in my week..so 5 days seems alright to me. My next project for this blog is weight loss. I don't own a scale, but the last time I weighed myself (probably a couple weeks ago) I was 140 pounds I believe. My goal is to drop at least 30 pounds, putting me around 110. I am starting a new weight loss plan that I plan to keep up with for a long time. I made it simple enough that it can be a lifestyle and not a "diet". because diets end and lifestyles keep you healthy.

First of all, I needed to figure out my food diet. I love food and I honestly don't want to give up a bunch of yummy foods because I know myself pretty well and if I don't let myself have something, I'll get angry at myself eventually and stuff a bunch of that untouchable food down my throat just to show myself that I can't boss myself around. So I started Googling ways to eat healthy and not give up the foods you like, and what I stumbled across was this blog post by Eleanor Harding entitled "Eat vegan all day then dinner is guilt-free, says writer who claims 'common sense' diet saved him from diabetes" where she talks about Mark Bittman who started eating vegan all day before 6pm and then let himself eat whatever he wanted for dinner. This plan has worked for his health, and I am hoping that it will work for mine. Here's a link to that blog post if you'd like to check it out: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2414653/Eat-vegan-day-dinner-guilt-free-says-writer-claims-common-sense-diet-saved-diabetes.html

So my food diet will be vegan before 6pm. I know I can do that and I look forward to it. The next part of the weight loss plan is exercise. I have never really been into exercising but I've always wanted to be into it. This morning I watched a video by this sweet, beautiful blonde girl that calls herself MissPinkMeltsAway on YouTube. This is the video I watched:

After watching that video I watched her video showing the progression of her weight loss over that time and at the very end you see how her body looks now and she is simply stunning. She was already stunning with the weight on her so when the weight came off it was crazy how wonderful she looked! Her videos inspired me to get serious about working out. Everyone else has to do it. There's no easy way out of being obese (which according to my BMI I am), and I'm sick of just waiting for some miracle weight loss discovery to happen. I need to take action. So after watching this girl's videos I searched YouTube for a good workout video and this is what I found:

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