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Unschoolers Learn the Same Way Adults Learn

By Leo Babauta

Whenever I have a question about unschooling -- motivation, how kids learn, how to learn math, etc. ... I ask myself one simple question:

How would I learn this or deal with this, as an adult?

Because the simple truth about unschooling is that it's no different from how adults live and learn, in the real world.

Let's take some examples, of school vs. adults vs. unschooling:

To a high school senior from a college freshman

On Stuff in a Notebook

I noticed that a lot of my friends who are seniors in high school have been receiving acceptance letters lately, so I thought I'd share a few things I've learned over the past seven months. Some of these are things I learned the hard way, some I watched friends figure out, and some I heard stories about, but here are some things high school seniors should know before heading off to college.

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