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Uncertainty, Not Knowing, and Unschooling

By Leo Babauta

One of the hardest things, and the best things, about unschooling is that everything is uncertain.

You don't know if you're doing the right thing by unschooling. You don't know if you're learning anything useful, if you're going to be horribly ignorant as an adult, if you'll ever get a job, if anything you're doing is right.

Unschooling is rife with uncertainty.

Then again, so is everything else in life. Including going to regular school.

What is Unschooling?

On Indigo Girls Gone Wild

By Leo Babauta

Unschooling is a version, a subset, of homeschooling -- schooling at home. I also think it's the best version of homeschooling (or learning in general), because it prepares you for life, for being an entrepreneur, for learning anything, for being autonomous.

What makes unschooling different from other homeschooling methods? Often when people homeschool, they just do school at home -- do a curriculum with math, science, reading, history, etc. at home, often with similar teaching methods and books.

But that doesn't take advantage of the freedom of homeschooling! We can do whatever we want, because there are no rules, no one to tell us we're doing it wrong, which means we can get creative as hell.

So unschooling throws all the rules of school out the door:

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